Snowboarding Impact Shorts – Protect Yourself While You Ride

Skiing and Snowboard the first time can be a lot of fun, but let’s face it, it can be very painful too. Falling will happen to the most experience riders, so let my not mention the inexperienced ones. After my first time on the slopes, my tailbone did take a beating. I fell too many times to count. Fortunately for you there is gear that can protect and cushion you from the fall when you’re snowboarding. They are called Impact shorts.

Impact clothing is used for a variety of sports like skiing, snowboarding, hockey, skateboarding, football, and many others. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know that this piece of clothing existed when I first started snowboarding. However, snowboard impact shorts is a great solution that protects your tailbone from those unexpected falls. How much do you know about snow impact shorts? How much will they protect you when you fall? Are they comfortable? These are few of the questions that will be answered.

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Snowboarding Impact Shorts – What are they?

Snowboard impact shorts are padded, breathable, lightweight protective gear for skiing and snowboarding. The impact shorts use a foam padding that cushions, absorb shock and insulates heat. The shorts are durable enough that they don’t deform.

Impact shorts come in many shapes and designs. They are designed to protect your butt, thigh, hip, tailbone, and lumber. The impact shorts are usually highly flexible. They don’t hinder your movements much. There is an adjustment period when you first put them on but the shorts are designed to perfectly fit your bodies’ curves. However, you have to make sure that you size your shorts properly.

Impact Shorts Comfort

The key to a great pair of impact shorts is having the necessary protection while being flexible enough to do your movements and tricks. The fabric needs to be able to stretch to allow a full range of motion. The padding can not be too bulky and restrict mobility. You also need to make sure that you have the right fit. Different impact short brands fit differently. A medium in one brand may be a 2XL in another. The sizing chart will probably be your best bets on finding the right size for you. Reading other people’s reviews online, can also be very helpful when determining the right size. Once you have the right size, the right pad thickness, and the necessary stretch/breathable material, the impact shorts will feel very comfortable.

When snowboarding, you should wear your gear in this order:

1.) Base Layer

2.) Ski/Snowboard Impact Shorts

3.) Snow pants

This configuration will probably be the most comfortable and convenient order to wear your snow gear.

The Cost

The price of impact shorts are very reasonable. There are a variety of different prices with varying amount of quality. The higher prices may not necessarily be the best option for you. Sometimes the cheaper shorts work. The cost of impact shorts range from 20 to 120 dollars, but at any price, the short are worth it. It’s all about preference.

Things to Consider Before Making a purchase

There are five factors to consider before buying a pair of ski/snowboard impact shorts. They are the pad material, overall pad coverage, pad thickness, insulation/breath ability, and flexibility.

Pad Material

The material in impact shorts may vary. However, most impact shorts are made with EVA foam, plastic or a combination of the two. The plastic provides additional protection from punctures like falls, like falling on a railing, box or park feature.

Pad Coverage

Pad coverage represents the areas that are padded on the impact shorts. The pad coverage usually includes the hips, thighs, crotch and tailbone. When you first start snowboarding, the areas that are the most at risk are your wrists, head and tailbone. Making sure that you have your tailbone covered can really soften the blow.

Pad Thickness

The thickness of your impact short also vary. They can range from one-quarter inch to half in- inch thick. You should consider that with additional thickness come additional weight.

Depending on your experience on the slopes you have to decide on which type of impact shorts is right for you. If you’re a rider that’s just starting out, a thicker pair of impact shorts might be the right thing for you. If you’re an experienced rider that only likes to go ride down the mountain, a thinner pair of impact short might work for you. For experienced riders that like to hit jumps and park features, it might be best to get a composite (foam and plastic) pair of ski/snowboard impact shorts.

Insulation/Breath ability

You want to consider the breath ability of your impact shorts. Your impact shorts are another layer of clothes. Skiing and snowboarding is a very active sport with a lot of sweating involved. Insulated and breathable material will keep you warm while allowing your sweat to evaporate. This will keep you comfortable.


When you’re doing a jump, 180, or carving, one thing that you really need is flexibility. Review the information on how stretchy your material is. You don’t want your safety gear stopping you from performing the best that you can. When picking out your impact shorts, consider the thickness and material of your padding.

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Maintaining your Impact Shorts

To maintain your impact shorts, it’s probably best that you don’t wash them in a machine. Washing them in a machine might damage the foam and remove some of its compressibility. All impact shorts should be hand washed.

Protect your self

Snowboarding can be very painful when you first learn but it doesn’t have to be. Look into getting yourself a pair of snowboard impact short. These can also work for skiing. I’m sure you will not regret your decision. Impact short can be useful for all skill levels. There are many designs to chose from. Wearing a pair of impact shorts have saves me many times and I’m sure that it can save you too. Remember to have fun out there and be safe on the slopes.

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